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Protect your property with a properly installed yard drainage system.

Does your yard hold stinky, stagnant water? Are your landscape beds eroding quickly? Basement leaking? You may have a drainage problem.

A soggy yard is horrible. The grass is dead, the yard is unusable, and the kids can’t seem to keep from tracking mud all over the house. These things are all nuisances, but did you know drainage problems can be dangerous? Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, mold, fungus, harmful bacteria, and other life threatening organisms. Wet areas also have the potential to erode your home’s foundation, causing significant damage.

Protecting the foundation of your house or building is essential for the structural integrity of your property. One important way to keep your property in tip-top-shape is by installing and improving your yard drainage system. In addition to protecting your foundation, establishing landscape drainage will prevent the flow of rain from sitting on the grass and ruining your lawn.

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Common Drainage Issues in Homes

There are many factors that influence drainage issues on a property. Homeowners are always at risk for potential damages to their lawn due to poor drainage systems or perpetual influx in weather. Real problems are caused by improper grading on the land surrounding a house. Uneven grading services will result in pooling water in low spots of the lawn. Similar to grading, soil compaction can lead to surface runoff and erosion problems if left untreated.

Down in the south, most people love using a well system to supply water to their home. However, when window wells turn into dry wells or hold rainwater above the ground surface level, many problems arise. If the well is not adequately taken care of throughout the years, your yard drainage will suffer. Drainage problems include heavy rainwater causing an overflow, oversaturated soil, dry wells and leaks.

Over time, the foundation of a home will develop normal drainage problems such as small cracks, broken pipes and an occasional leak throughout the yard or basement. Especially in harsh winter conditions, the underground pipe below your house is prone to freezing and bursting. Another common issue is clogged drains and gutters from debris on your property. When debris is obstructing the water flow, it will cause overflow and saturation of groundwater.

These are all examples of typical wear and tear of a household drainage system over time. Our team can easily assess and implement a solution for most drainage issues.

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Repairing a failed drain on a driveway.

Signs of Poor Drainage on your Property

There are several signs of an emerging drainage problem on your property. By properly keeping up with maintenance, you can stay ahead of the problem, prevent flooding in your lawn and avoid needing a drainage service. However, you may want to reach out to a contractor if any drainage issues occur on a regular basis.

  • Insufficient yard slope or pitch: This could have happened in the house’s original construction or naturally developed over time with erosion and movement. Water will pool in a yard when there is not enough slope to drain. Clay will begin to harden in areas and soften in others, forming a pothole of water collection.
  • Gutter downspouts: We often see that a gutter downspout runs into a flower bed or other landscaped areas. This design can create a pool in the mulch and soil.
  • Compacted soil: Builders need hard-packed clay to develop the structural integrity of the home. Construction leaves you with tremendous problems for the yard and landscaping. Clay can retain moisture or run it off faster than more desirable soils.
  • Non-porous surfaces: Concrete and asphalt areas can block proper drainage and create excess water quickly.

Yard transformation begins with us. At Drain + Tree, we implement customizable and enduring solutions for your lawn. We have professional expertise in drainage systems that will put water in its proper place. Don’t hesitate to contact us today regarding our professional services or if you have questions or concerns about your yard. 

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At Drain + Tree, we take a careful, customizable approach to optimizing your yard space by clearing it of the excess water that can damage your home’s foundation. We are the local experts that take pride in transforming our community’s outdoor living spaces. If you seek drainage for your property, then a risk-free consultation is your best bet to get the designed system you deserve. We provide free estimates.

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Yard Drainage Solutions

Managing excess water and water damage on the outside of your house is just as vital as repairs on the inside. However, proper drainage helps avoid many structural and exterior issues in your foundation.

French drains, trench drains, dry wells, swales, rain gardens, sump pumps and channel drains are all effective drainage solutions. A french drain uses perforated pipes and clean gravel to fill trenches in the land to steer groundwater away from low spots. Trench drains are intended to collect water on the surface and channel it to another path. Rain gardens are an eco-friendly solution that incorporate plants and soil to absorb rainwater on the lawn.

Since they rely on gravity, dry wells are used to collect and slowly disperse water into the surrounding soil. The implementation of this solution may require re-grading to ensure proper water flow. By putting in window wells and a sump pump, rainwater will be prevented from seeping through crevices or holes in your basement.

By getting a professional to implement yard drainage solutions, homeowners can establish a well-drained and functional outdoor space.

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Steps to Fixing Yard Drainage Problems

The best solution for fixing the sewerage issues in your front yard is by hiring a team with experience in drainage services. Drain + Tree will evaluate, plan and solve your drainage issues much quicker than a DIY project would. Leave it in our hands and rest assured your project will be completed in a timely, affordable and effective way.

1. Assessment

The process begins by taking a look at the yard damage to identify the extent of the drainage problem. After thorough assessment, our team will can prepare a plan and solution.

2. Plan Development

Once the issue has been detected, the Drain + Tree team will decide the best course of action to repair your property. Depending on local and environmental restrictions, we should be able to take action within 5 to 7 days.

3. Grading and Sloping

Grading and sloping is the tricky but crucial part of the process that is necessary before implementing yard drainage solutions. We will bring in our equipment for each grading project to effectively dig or level the slope of the ground.

4. System Installment

Based on our recommendations, we will ensure that the drainage systems are properly sized, located and connected to divert water away from problem areas before installation. During the installment procedure, we will thoroughly compact the soil and land to prevent flooding and erosion control in the future.

5. Property Check

Before the process is complete, we will examine the focal points of the property to make sure everything is working appropriately. This operation involves checking for leaks, removing debris from gutters and implementing solutions to prepare for future stability.

6. Maintenance

The maintenance portion of the process is left in the homeowners' hands. By following routine inspections and repairs, your system will last for years with minimal damage.

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How do I know if I have an effective drainage system for my yard?

To determine if your lawn system is up to par, most people can find visual cues. A few indicators include the health of the plants in landscaping zones. If you have a large number of dying plants, it may indicate that there is too much water sitting in the soil.

An effective drainage system will exhibit minimal to no accumulation of rain in specific areas of the lawn. There should be no indications of topsoil erosion or exposed roots around the foundation. The basement floor should have no signs of leaks, seeping water or cracks in the foundation.

How much does landscape drainage installation typically cost?

Drainage solutions vary in costs depending on the yard size, complexity of the terrain and the extent of damage. The typical fee to install a new system is between $1,500 and $5,000. Simple drainage solutions like french drain are a more affordable choice. The installation of an underground pipe or sump pump typically increases the costs, since they require more professional labor.

Each landscaping home project is different and complex in its own ways. Contact us for a free quote!

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Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable landscaping drainage options available?

Yes! Our team of contractors has tailored and sustainable solutions that provide effective drainage with environmental considerations. Sustainable drainage systems include rain gardens, french drains and trench drains.

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