Retention Pond Maintenance for beauty and function.

Pond maintenance is vital to property owners and management companies. While ponds can seem simple to manage, they can become a nuisance with poor water quality if not properly maintained. If you ignore routine retention pond maintenance, you will likely see the effects of bad bacteria, mosquito larvae, harmful gases, and odor issues. Overgrown weeds and vegetation can lead to stagnant water, which might turn into a toxic algae situation.

Retention Pond vs. Detention Pond

The choice of pond type depends on personal preference and needs. A retention pond always holds water. A detention pond allows water to soak back into the ground slowly.

Retention ponds hold water indefinitely, while detention ponds act as a temporary storage area for rainwater to prevent flooding.

Both types of ponds are useful for large areas of land that experience poor drainage. The land is graded around the pond to flow water and reduce erosion and flooding slowly. Retention ponds are often maintained as a “living” pond with fish and aquatic plants, as long as water is kept at a minimum level. Detention ponds can be part of the natural irrigation by holding back rainwater and slowly releasing it into the ground.

Retention Pond

Retention Ponds

Retention ponds hold water continuously. Retention ponds that operate at full capacity can provide a tremendous value to the landscape. A property with a water basin near a commercial building should have a strong landscaping plan.

Detention Pond

Detention Ponds

Detention ponds are often dry. The purpose of a detention pond is to hold water on a temporary basis and allow water to soak back into the ground slowly.

Who Will Benefit From a Detention or Retention Pond?

Detention and Retention ponds are typically large to control stormwater.  Larger tracts of land often construct ponds to control stormwater runoff from their property as well as adjacent properties.

Farmers and ranchers benefit from retention ponds as a continued water source for their livestock and irrigation purposes. A pond will quickly pay for itself in water cost savings.  

Other areas where erosion is a threat, fragile streams or mountainsides, benefit from detention ponds. Detention ponds placed between a slope and a stream will hopefully “catch” rainwater before it reaches the stream, therefore, protecting the stream bank from floodwater erosion damage.

Municipalities build holding ponds in residential areas and alongside roadways to control the flow of stormwater runoff.

What does Drain + Tree look for when performing a pond inspection?

  • Clogged storm drains, outlets or inlets due to trash, debris, or excessive sediment, which can affect the water depth, as well as the storage volume in the pond; and, anything that may inhibit the pond’s performance.
  • We make sure that any obstructions at the orifice or trash rack, particularly after a heavy rainfall, are removed.
  • Slope erosion or instability from excess rain or headwall decay (which shouldn’t be an issue if the area is well-drained).
  • Check stabilizing material that protects the ground from erosion.
  • Overgrown vegetation - we inspect surrounding areas that need regular mowing to help in the prevention of erosion or with the aesthetics of the pond.
  • Ensure that pilot channels are open.
  • Mechanical device functionality check of all valves, pumps, fence gates, locks, or mechanical components.

What maintenance is required to keep a detention pond functioning properly?

  • Keeping vegetation in and around the pond under control by mowing and weeding regularly.
  • Keeping the pond clear of debris and trash by checking for excess sediment from the basin; keeping outflow and inflow pipes clear of debris and sediment.
  • Maintaining mechanical devices in and around the pond (valves, pumps, fence gates, locks, and mechanical components).
  • Keeping slopes stabilized by supporting an adequate ground cover on all slopes and vegetated areas.
  • Maintaining detention ponds is essential for the pond to provide temporary storage for excess water from heavy rain and storms and improve the runoff from roads, parking lots, neighborhoods, commercial areas, etc.

At Drain + Tree, we will focus on your retention pond maintenance to ensure that we have a healthy ecosystem. A proactive retention pond maintenance plan will save you time, money, and headaches. Keep your pond clean. Call Drain + Tree today.

Retention Pond Service

Keep your retention pond free of debris, silt, vegetation, trees, or any plants that may comprise the integrity of your retention pond. The buildup of vegetation or mud can reduce the capacity of your retention pond. Suppose your retention pond is not running at total capacity. In that case, you could have a real problem on your hands when there is a significant rainstorm.

Detention Pond Service

Experience matters. Drain + Tree will implement proper drainage techniques, focus on stormwater runoff, soil absorption, and many more facets of detention basin issues. Property owners should schedule an annual inspection to ensure a properly functioning pond.

Basin Repairs & Replacement

Whether it’s a retention or detention pond, basins eventually need to be repaired or replaced. There are many reasons why a retention basin might fail - erosion, soil issues, improper installation, and poor ground compaction. Be proactive and schedule an inspection.

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