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Imagine a crisp morning as you overlook your property and take in the beautiful scenery that you dreamed of— the properly sloped hillsides and manicured landscape that you deserve.

With Drain + Tree, you can leave us the dirty work. We provide a detail-oriented team of professionals committed to delivering you high-quality residential and commercial land grading, excavation and clean-up, all while saving you time and money. We implement processes that ensure a safe and eco-friendly approach, leaving you, your family or your company feeling restored.

You deserve a reliable grading subcontractor.

General contractors and business owners throughout the North Georgia area rely on Drain + Tree for site work. We are able to meet a variety of needs for your construction site.
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Getting the right shape of your property allows you to enjoy proper drainage. Our landscape professionals work for commercial and residential clients and aim for top quality and service.
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What is land grading?

Grading is a planned process to establish the base of the ground before construction or landscaping. Grading can also be done post-construction to correct improper slope and prevent water collecting around a house or business. 

Essentially, land grading services help prevent vast amounts of water flow and stormwater runoff from damaging properties. Land grading also specifies slopes to ensure the ground has substantial erosion control.

Landscape grading can prepare a building for its foundation, establish a base for a road, improve the landform for a garden, lawn or aesthetic purposes and increase surface drainage.

Land grading starts with rough grading and then moves on to fine grading. The purpose is to establish a proper grade so water can flow away from a building's foundation. Grading can also help establish a healthy, loose topsoil for growing grass, trees or gardens.

Grading contractors utilize large, heavy machines to develop slopes and level surfaces. These heavy machines include excavators, bulldozers, track loaders and large compactors (which are fun to watch!).

Light grading and landscape grading contractors use tractors, mini-excavators, skid steers, compact track loaders and tractors to perform jobs. The choice of equipment correlates to the task at hand.

At Drain + Tree, we love moving dirt and working land. Landscaping is our passion, and we will put our all into completing an excellent project for you.

A Land Grading Service with the Right Tools

You want results, not a lesson on equipment. However, having the right equipment allows us to get the job done right the first time. We have the equipment needed for projects, both large and small. We also have working relationships with the most extensive equipment dealers in the industry to ensure that your project is completed in a timely fashion.

With the right knowledge and the right tools, Drain + Tree is prepared to tackle your grading project. Contact us to get a free estimate from a professional at info @ draintree .com.

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Other Services

We also offer services including french drains, fixing drainage issues, sod installation, yard grading, trimming trees, installing driveways, establishing retention ponds, property maintenance and parking lot grading.

Let us know your needs and we will craft a custom plan for you.

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