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When it comes to improving your house or property, a new gravel driveway, parking lot or gravel paths could be the perfect solution for you. Not only will gravel driveways or other gravel installations change the look of your residence, they offer returns on investment to the environment, your land and better yet: your wallet.

Guests will have a comfortable path to walk or drive upon with little to no hassle or maintenance requirements. You won't have to worry if their tires make ruts or if they park their vehicles in the grass. Water drainage around your house or office will flow much smoother and prevent severe erosion. Adding decorative stones in or around your garden will create unique characteristics and fill up a given space.

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Drain + Tree provides gravel installation services to the Athens and Oconee areas. Our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your property and prepare a customized plan to execute your installation. We have the knowledge, equipment and willpower to get the job done right the first time. Our crew will always provide you with their recommended course of action for the project before you pay. By finding reliable and efficient gravel solutions, Drain + Tree will leave your space much better than we found it.

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Gravel Driveway Installation

Benefits of Gravel Installation on your Property

There are many advantages of using gravel for home improvement projects or enhancing the exterior of your workplace. Gravel is an extremely versatile option that for landscaping applications and is aesthetically pleasing. The installation process is a practical solution to improve the drainage on your land and requires minimal maintenance. No need to worry about concrete pavers when you transform your outdoor space by investing in gravel.

Here are just a few features that make gravel great:

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    Installing gravel to your property boosts the curbside appeal of your house or office. Whether you're covering dirt with a new driveway or laying crushed stone for walkways, it helps define specific regions of your space. With a range of colors, stones and sizes to pick, this allows you to customize your vision for each new project.
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    Another benefit of adding gravel to land is the various options for placement. From gravel driveways to covering large areas, you get the chance to be creative with your design. Fill in the gaps and spread the pebbles among the smallest square foot to largest spaces at your convenience.
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    Among the other benefits, affordability is a key advantage to gravel. The cost of gravel is between $50 and $100 dollars less than using concrete for construction development. Gravel can shift overtime, but involves little care for much less money.
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    Gravel is a reliable and durable source that can withstand heavy traffic. With the weight of large vehicles passing through or delivering material to your building, the main road needs to be dependable and sturdy. You can trust us to properly install gravel on any given space for safe transport for years to come.
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Gravel Services that are Properly Installed and Done Right the First Time

Our team will visit your property to determine the best course of action for your project. Regardless of the size of your site, our crew will come in to rake weeds and clear the space for installment. We will measure the area to examine if the path needs to be widened or excavated for your particular plan. Our Drain + Tree team will assess additional preparations for drainage and leveling the soil plane before any repairs are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different materials used for a gravel installation?

One of many advantages of gravel installation is the ability to create a look that is unique to you and your vision. There's a variety of gravel bases to choose from depending on the design and purpose of your installation. We recommend using crushed stone or run as the gravel base for a new gravel driveway.

Crushed stone is most commonly used for driveways, walkways and base material for pavers. Pea gravel is purposeful for designing around soil in your garden or landscaping with stone features. River rock is best for large, decorative stone projects such as water features, rock gardens or enhancing an exterior border. Limestone is a popular and affordable option for small decorative stone features or large-scale jobs like road surfacing or installing a new driveway.

For asphalt, marble chips or concrete installation, we advise contacting other companies who offer this specialty.

How much does it cost to install gravel?

The cost to install gravel is dependent on 3 components: gravel, labor and equipment. Depending on the size of desired coverage, the gravel cost will increase per ton used to cover the full surface. Labor is an additional factor into the cost of installation. Based on the complexity to grade and lay materials, this rate can vary from $40 to $70 per hour. Lastly, equipment costs play a role in the level of advancement for installation. If the project requires edging, landscaping or installing drainage, the cost may increase. For a free quote, please contact us.

How long does a gravel installation typically last?

The lifespan of gravel driveways and gravel material depends on many factors such as the quality of gravel used, vehicle traffic, weather and soil conditions. Some gravel material tends to be more durable and last longer in certain circumstances. Additionally, the amount of traffic and up-keep for gravel driveways or other surfaces heavily affects the longevity of the gravel. Typically, a gravel driveway or surface will last for 5 to 10 years after installation.

How do I keep up with gravel maintenance?

There are many ways to maintain the compaction of your gravel after it has been properly installed.

  1. Rake the gravel on a regular basis to even it across the surface. This will also clear the debris matter that gathers after seasonal weather and prevent weeds from growing.
  2. Check to ensure the drainage is working properly. If you notice puddles forming regularly or filling up in gaps, address these issues promptly.
  3. Adding more gravel will be essential over a period of time. The level of thickness will deteriorate as weather, erosion and the spread of gravel emerges.
  4. Repair any damages with routine maintenance by pulling weeds, edging the border of the driveway or surface area. With heavy vehicles and traffic traveling on a gravel driveway, it will widen and shift the gravel among your area.
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Gravel Driveway Installation and More Options

When it comes to gravel driveway and parking spaces installation, there are many design options for your style and preference. Based on your home or office characteristics, you can design the space to feature unique aesthetics similar to the appearance of your surroundings. A stone facelift can turn the pathway to your home into a beautiful drive. Companies and homeowners that need construction management jobs should look no further for gravel driveway installation and assistance.

Lean more about gravel driveway installation here.

Other gravel installation options include garden borders, water features and landscaping accents. The winding path to your garden can connect many areas of your yard to one central location. You can also develop borders around the plant bed or edging of the lawn for a decorative touch. To top off your garden retreat, fountains and ponds filled with sand or gravel pebbles will give it a natural look and help with filtration.

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