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Jan 27, 2021

Natural Swimming Pool | Pond Dig

At Drain + Tree we love to play in the dirt, especially when we get to dig and move lots of it. We love working on unique projects that take technique and an eye for design. One of our latest projects certainly fits the bill. We are currently (December 2020) midway through constructing a pond on a large piece of property. But this is not your ordinary pond. When it is complete it will be classified as a “natural swimming pool". You may be wondering what is the difference?

A natural swimming pool is a body of water that is maintained by non chemical means for water clarity so that people may swim in it like a traditional swimming pool. The pool may have a liner or a traditional pond clay bottom. This project is planned for a clay bottom. It will be filtered organically using plants and gravel.

We started the digging process in late November. Due to rain it has been on and off as we progress. The different levels of the pond are established and we are nearly finished with the grade. Next up will be installing the rock and gravel then the pumps and waterfall features.

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