Imagine your ideal home landscape

Landscape installation is a big job. That's why you need an expert team of landscape professionals to help you out.

Do you want to make your lawn, home, garden, deck, patio or outdoor space more enjoyable? Do you want to increase its value and improve the curb appeal with excellent design and details? If so, then Drain + Tree is the landscaping contractor for you. 

We are a team of experts who offer everything from landscaping grading and drainage to full landscape and hardscape installation. Whether it is commercial or residential properties, our goal is the same: enhance the enjoyment of your site with quality landscaping that will last for years and be easy for you to maintain! Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

Landscaping, Hardscaping, and More!

We can tackle nearly any project design, including retaining walls, stone hardscaping, concrete services, and even adding rock features. Our work can help you prepare your home and outdoor space for projects like the installation of your new pool, landscaping like shrubs, flowers and other plants, fresh hardscaping that incorporates water features or adding walkways with rocks.    
We offer great project costs and quality that beats other landscape contractors near you.

The Landscape Contractor that Cares

Our team has been installing landscapes for over 20 years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right. We'll work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision becomes reality and that your property’s design looks its best. 

We love serving our community and completing projects that help bring even more beauty to the Athens area. Other landscape contractors’ projects and service is no match to Drain + Tree. 

Hiring a landscape contractor near you is important so they understand your home’s particular landscape. Search no more for a business that can handle your planting, landscaping, and hardscaping as well as install a retaining wall and work with concrete and stone to ensure beautiful design.

Enhance the Enjoyment of Your Property With Landscaping

You deserve a landscape design that reflects your personality and style, not just one that was thrown together by some other landscaping companies that don't care about how it impacts you or your home value. Let us create something beautiful for you today!

We’d love to call you our client! Call Drain + Tree at (706) 530-5866 now for more information on our services or to ask any questions. Connect with us online on Instagram and Facebook @draintree. 

If our service professionals have impressed you, please consider leaving us a review. We respect your privacy and will always keep your information confidential.

  • Landscaping around patios, gazebos, decks,  and even your swimming pool
  • Water-related projects
  • Constructing walls and walkways
  • Concrete and hardscape projects
  • Knowledge of soil and grass needs in landscape

Landscaping Services

We’re a landscaping company with years of experience who know the region well. Our purpose is to be the best landscape contractor for you, offering pro work at a fair cost that provides everything you need in your home landscape. 

We’ll give you a quote with a great price and a project that will bring your place up to the level of outdoor quality you deserve. We will work to make you the proud owner of a beautiful home landscape. After our project, the lawn maintenance that you complete week by week will be much easier. Let us tackle the big landscaping projects! 

When we leave, your lawn care and maintenance will be easier and your living space will be more beautiful. Our goal is to complete our landscaping work so that the yard mowing and blowing that you do on the weekends takes less time.

Landscape Designers

While Drain + Tree does not charge for designing outdoor spaces, our landscaper pros are ready to assist in designing your area, garden or yard. From trees, shrubs and plants to paths, patios and decks, we can provide you with estimates on the best project design options. 

Why hire an expensive designer outside of your zip code? Let us landscapers assist your house’s landscape design instead of going to multiple sources.

Why Choose Drain + Tree

While other large landscaping contractors may make empty guarantees, our landscaping professionals form a small team from the Athens community who will search for the pathway to success for your house’s landscape.

We hope you’ll make the decision to choose Drain+Tree as your landscaper choice for yards, hardscape elements, gardens, turf, grounds and trees.  

With great people at a fair cost, we will make your location a relaxation destination!

Property Owners Trust
Drain + Tree

Communication is key for the best landscaping companies. We are committed to completing our projects on time with minimal disturbances.
Experience matters. We have decades of project management under our belts, so you can rest assured that we will guide you correctly.
Done Right The First Time
We aim to please. You will be thrilled with the overall look and functionality of your project—guaranteed.

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We offer free estimates and a fair price for your job well done.