Grading Projects
Dec 21, 2020

Gravel Driveway Installation

At Drain + Tree we are always looking for ways to improve the land! This February and March (2021) we worked on a large piece of our property to reconfigure a driveway.

Driveways are often overlooked when planning to build a new home or adding a new project to an existing property. Before gravel, concrete or asphalt can be installed, proper grading and drainage need to be considered and performed!

We are currently in the preliminary stages of gravel driveway installation. The process starts with preparation of the land. Vegetation and topsoil are removed and the clay underneath is packed. Then, proper drainage and culvert piping (a structure that allows water to flow under a driveway) is installed to encourage proper drainage and water management. A base layer of gravel is then added to remove all water and air pockets which will help prevent erosion. Finally, gravel can be added on top of the base layer. A minimum of 4 inches of gravel should be added on top of the base layer. For this specific project, a larger gravel will be used in the final driveway. 

The driveway the land is on has since been prepared and culvert pipes have been installed. Next up will be installing all of the gravel to the project.

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